IELTS for Institutions

IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. It’s been designed to provide a clear, objective assessment of true English language skills. It measures how well candidates:

  • speak,
  • understand,
  • read and
  • write English.

Every year, government agencies, educational institutions, employers and professional organisations use results from over a million IELTS tests to access the abilities of candidates from all over the world.

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IELTS for universities

IELTS will help you:

  • assess the English language competencies of staff,
  • filter candidates applying for international exchange programmes – you can be sure that candidates can use English at a level sufficient to study abroad,
  • in the recruitment process for overseas scholarships – a student’s IELTS score guarantees that they meet the university’s entrance requirements,
  • monitor students’ progress in language learning.

IELTS for employers and institutions

IELTS will help you:

  • assess the competencies of  job applicants
  • monitor the progress of staff who are taking a language course,
  • identify candidates for overseas placement.

Flexible testing

We are the only providers in Spain of the IELTS test. Your candidates can take their test:

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