Events in Spain

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September 12

The sixth edition of the Santander International Festival of Fantastic Arts (MAF) will be held in September (12, 13 and 14th).

July 09

Hofesh Shechter in Barcelona again for the GREC Festival

July 08

Humour, Irony, Tragedy, and the Grotesque

July 03

In the context of the complex challenges and opportunities emerging from the development of today’s cities, design provides the energy that is needed to transform, renew and turn them into places to enjoy.

June - July 30

International festival of illustration and picture book event

June 27
II International Poetry Slam Madrid

Harry Baker, one of the most important slam poets of the moment will be visiting Madrid to take part in the PO3TRY SLAM MADRID contest, next 27th and 28th June at CentroCentro – Cibeles Madrid.

June 14

Nanotechnology: where should they take us? Give us your opinión.

June 11
MARTIN PARR, Photographer

Highly acclaimed for his sharp take on contemporary life, Martin Parr is a key figure in the world of photography.

June 09
Talks for teachers in Alcobendas

Why not come along to our free talks for teachers at British Council offices in Madrid? Confirmation is absolutley essential, please contact us at or call 91 659 28 79