Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)

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What is the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT)?

The Cambridge TKT focuses on the teaching knowledge needed by teachers of primary, secondary or adult learners of English, anywhere in the world. It will increase your confidence and enhance your job prospects.

How can TKT help my career?

Preparing for TKT will help you grow in confidence as a teacher and give you the knowledge and skills that will help you develop your career. You can take TKT whatever your background and teaching experience. The qualification is designed to be accessible, with no formal English language requirements for candidates.

Why take TKT with the British Council?

A million people take exams with the British Council every year. In Spain, we have many years’ experience working with TKT and other specialist Cambridge exams. We provide pre-exam support and a professional and efficient service to make your exam day run as smoothly as possible.

What’s in the exam?

The TKT is divided into separate modules. You can take them all, or just choose the ones that meet your needs. You have total flexibility in how and when you take the modules – you’ll receive a certificate for each one completed. To take the exams, you are advised to have a B1 level of English in the Common European Framework of Reference.

Find out more about the exam and how to prepare for TKT.

How to Register

Registering is quick and easy. Register for your TKT exam.

Useful Links

TKT Test - official Cambridge site.

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