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Welcome to our school

When the British Council School opened its doors for the first time in 1940 in calle de Méndez Núñez in Madrid, it was a pioneer of British education in Spain. Since then, our school’s objective has been to provide quality bilingual education and to equip future citizens with core values of freedom, honour, integrity, duty, creativity and professionalism.

We teach a bicultural, multilingual syllabus to pupils between 3 and 18 years old, helping them to reach their full potential as individuals and as members of the community. We work hard to ensure that students continue their education at the best national and international universities. The British Council School is recognised around the world as a leading educational centre of excellence, and as a key innovator in British and Spanish education.

It’s our objective to help students make the most of their formative years in education. We have over seventy years’ experience of teaching a bilingual curriculum to a mostly Spanish student body. Our approach is founded on individual attention, respect, motivation, discipline and personal guidance - helping all students to achieve their full potential.

The British Council School has almost two hundred qualified teachers, a welcoming environment and classrooms equipped with the very latest technology, making the school a hive of activity every day.

From their earliest years our students follow a very demanding academic programme, to meet the highest individual expectations.

Our values are important to us – our students leave school as young people who know that caring for others leads to mutual respect, that loyalty is fundamental to working effectively together and that flexibility is an essential ingredient to any successful enterprise. They are equipped and motivated to take on any challenge and they possess the resilience to ensure that any set-back can be assimilated, turned round and converted into success.

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