Bilingual Education

Bilingual education can give young people a big boost. It prepares them to work, study and live in an increasingly multilingual and integrated Europe. The British Council supports both state and private initiatives, providing training for teachers and advice to institutions that need it.

We collaborate in the following projects:

Project of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports

Bilingual Schools Project has been working in Spain since 1995. It has introduced a bilingual and bicultural curriculum in 82 primary schools and 44 secondary schools.

For further information contact:

Pilar Medrano, Project Manager & Educational Adviser
Instituto de Formación del Profesorado, Investigación e Innovación Educativa Ministerio de Educación
General Oráa, 55 

28006 Madrid

Learn more

Bilingual education Project Spain (PDF 1929kb).

Evaluation online supplement (PDF 2,593KB).

Hand in Hand. Bilingual Schools Project magazine. 9th edition (pdf. 3.21Mb).

Bilingual Schools project website. A closed forum for Bilingual Project teachers to share information and materials, and to set up joint projects between Spanish and British schools.