Arts in Spain

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The Infinitely Variable Ideal of the Popular

This exhibition attempts to review the work of Jeremy Deller

Arts and the British Council in Spain

The Spain Arts team is based in Madrid and Barcelona where we develop relationships with cultural institutions and programmers. Our objective is to showcase the best of UK creativity as well as promoting our own projects and collaborating in other innovative, high-quality arts events.

In all areas of our work we aim to paint a modern, diverse picture of contemporary Britain, and to promote the debate of issues and ideas by challenging fixed opinions and increasing understanding between cultures.

We work closely with the British Council’s Arts Departments in our head offices in London, as well as with our multi-disciplinary arts specialists in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast. In addition, we collaborate with in-house experts in education, science and other disciplines.

Until lions have their own historians...

29th October to 11th January

Magnetic Declination is a research and production group formed by theorists, curators, and visual artists.

European Cinema Comes to School 2014-2015

27th November to 28th May

A sample of current European cinema from Czechoslovakia, England, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Rumania, Spain

North by Southwest

North by Southwest

North by Southwest is our fortnightly English-language radio programme that gives you a taste of British culture and arts in Spain and examines cultural relations between the two countries.

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The Selector

The UK music scene has never been more vibrant, exciting or influential. The Selector brings you the best new music - from dubstep to folk, indie to electronica. And it's now available in Spanish.

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