Premier Skills

Premier Skills is our international partnership with the Premier League operating in 25 countries across Asia, Africa and the Americas from Afghanistan to Zambia.

Premier Skills focuses on developing community coaches and referees and on supporting community projects. The programme has also created a range of materials, including a dedicated website, using football-based content for teachers and learners of English.

A key element of the project is week-long training activities for local community-level coaches and referees, which are delivered by professional coaches from the Premier League clubs. Since 2007 Premier Skills has created training opportunities benefitting 2,300 grassroots coaches and referees.

The participants are supported to develop their own community-focused football projects, with many gaining the skills needed to cascade training to other grassroots coaches.

The inclusive skills and resources that the grassroots coaches and referees have gained through Premier Skills are opening up the benefits of sport to vulnerable groups in society, such as young people susceptible to crime, those with a lack of access to education and to young people with a disability. So far Premier Skills coaches and referees have reached more than 400,000 children and young people.

In partnership with the Premier League we are building on what we have already achieved through Premier Skills, creating new opportunities for young people to positively affect themselves and the society they live in through the power of football.