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Zoological Society of London
Devoted to the world-wide conservation of animals and their habitats
Zoological Society London
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Learned Societies & Academies

Learned societies or academies are organisations established to promote specific subjects. Membership can be open to anyone with an interest or an honour by election by other members. These organisations usually promote and ensure the standard of research with their subject through academic publications and conferences, and some act as professional bodies by offering accreditation via membership.

Royal Society
The Royal Society is the national academy of science of the UK and the Commonwealth.
Royal Society of Edinburgh
The Royal Society of Edinburgh is the Scottish national of academy.
British Academy
The British Academy is the national academy for the humanities and the social sciences.
Royal Geographical Society
Is the learned society and professional body for geography.
The British Association for the Advancement of Science
The BA is a registered charity which exists to advance the public understanding, accessibility and accountability of the sciences and engineering.
Edinburgh Geological Society
The Edinburgh Geological Society aims to stimulate public interest in geology and the advancement of geological knowledge.
Royal Academy of Engineering
Is Britain’s national academy for engineering.
Royal Astronomical Society
Is the UK's leading professional body for astronomy & astrophysics, geophysics, solar and solar-terrestrial physics, and planetary sciences.
British Society for the History of Science
Britain's largest learned society devoted to the history of science, technology and medicine.
Zoological Society of London
Is a charity devoted to the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats.

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