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Kevin Warick at Cafe Sci in the Czech Republic
Publicising your event
British Council offices can use this page to post reports and media clips of previous events and also to promote future British Council events. To do this, please contact the UK Science team.
Global Café Scientifique

Forthcoming Events
To find out more about events happening in the UK, please visit the Café Scientifique website.

Global events
More and more British Council offices around the world are getting involved with Café Scientifique events and raising the profile of science in their countries.

Below are some examples of the activity taking place. If your country is not listed below, please visit your country science website. to find out more about British Council events happening where you live.

British Council Australia
British Council Australia run a very successful Cafe Scientific programme with two partners New Scientist magazine and ABC Science online (part of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Visiting UK scientists, science communicators or authors that can contribute to the event are invited to be part of the panel. The forums are hosted by Science Communicators from ABC Science.
British Council Brussels
British Council Brussels is currently organising a long running series of Café Scientifique events to an audience of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from July 2004. Themes to be covered include: Women in Science; Nanotechnology; Artificial Intelligence; Climate Change and Space.
British Council Egypt
British Council Egypt have established a programme in country called Science Café. Read the report on their first event in December 2003 where Dr. Rupert Ormond's raised the topic, 'Coral Reefs: Do they have a future?'
British Council Finland

British council Finland is organising a series of monthly Café Scientifiques which began with a debate on Climate Change in March 2004. Future topics to be featured include, 'Endangered plants', 'Drugs in sport' and 'Nanotechnology.

British Council India

Since December 2003, British Council India has organised many Café Scientifiques in Delhi, Pune and Mumbai with speakers Tom Shakespeare and John Burn, both from the University of Newcastle.

A Café Scientifique event took place on 16 February 2004 with Nancy Rothwell, The Medical Research Council's research Professor of Physiology. She is actively involved in investigating how the brain communicates with the immune system to co-ordinate responses to disease and injury, and the cause of damage to the brain in conditions such as strokes.

British Council Italy

British Council Italy held their first ever Café Scientifique in Bologna in March 2004 where the information centre at British Council Bologna was transformed into a café for a couple of hours. The second was held at a well-known café, Le Stanze del Tenente in the town centre with a young adult mainly non-scientific public. The programme has expanded greatly since then.

British Council Malaysia
British Council Malaysia held their first live Cafe Scientifique where more than 50 people turned out on a wet Wednesday evening to hear Dr Alan Colman talking about his and other's work in transgenic animals, cloned animals leading to the creation of Dolly the sheep and now, human embryonic stem cells, which has attracted praise and concern in equal measure. Does he feel comfortable with the fall out from this work? Would he do things differently or not at all if given the choice?
British Council Norway
British Council Norway is collaborating with Unge Forskere on bringing you inspiring science events on the last Wednesday of every Month at Kafe Rust in Oslo. Vitenskapskafeen is the first Cafe Scientifique in Norway.
British Council Singapore

British Council Singapore hosted its first ever Café Scientifique in December 2003, opening with a Nobel Prize winner, Sir Harry Kroto. Since then, we have been organising one to two events every year. For more information on events, please send an email to science@britishcouncil.org.sg

British Council Thailand

British Council Thailand have produced a PowerPoint presentation around the Café Scientifique activity in their counrty. Unfortunately, we have needed to edit the presentation due to the large file size.

View the presentation - please save to disk first!