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British Council home
About the British Council title.
We will promote the role of science, engineering and technology in helping to extend our understanding of the world and develop imaginative solutions to shared problems. The universal language of science can encourage the mutual understanding essential for a more peaceful, secure and economically prosperous world.
UK Science
By promoting UK culture and creativity, we have a unique role to play in sustaining communications relevent to UK science, engineering and technology.
Research & Collaboration
We are keen to build links with scientists around the world and provide resources to help establish and strengthen these partnerships.
Science Policy
Science affects our everyday lives. Our programmes include activities to develop a greater understanding of science and its impact on our lives.
Science & Society
We have a selection of publications, to keep readers informed and up-to-date on developments in science in the UK and around the world
Our centres worldwide
Science Around the World
Find out about our global science network and the work we are doing around the world. Check out our interactive map to link directly to individual country websites that are running science and/or higher education programmes.
Our Science Vision
See an outline of how we see our science work evolving and progressing in our vision for the future.
Events Calendar
Check out upcoming science events happening around the world and learn how you can get involved.
UK Science Team- Contact Us
If you have questions or queries find out how you can contact us.

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