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LEP can help you reach your professional aspirations by developing your English skills and helping you prepare for English language exams.
Practise your English

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The current poll has expired, however another one may appear shortly.

Need more listening practice?  Our podcasts are moving to our new LearnEnglish website.

How can LEP help you?
Business & Work
We are moving to Business & Work on our new LearnEnglish website.
Our Professionals Podcasts and Business Magazine articles can help you with the language you need for work.
Watch our new video series You're Hired.
English Exams
Our new Exams section on LearnEnglish provides practice and advice on IELTS.
Watch videos of IELTS Tips and IELTS Interview Skills or try some IELTS Mock Papers.
Find out where you can take the IELTS exam.
Work & Study skills
In our Work skills section and lesson downloads there are articles which can help you become a better professional.
Our Study skills section gives advice on how you can develop or improve your study skills.
In the workplace
New video series
Grammar and vocabulary
Listen and watch Sanjeev use English in the workplace with our J@m movies.
Watch You're Hired and follow the process of recruiting a new team member.

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