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English for Journalists Part 1
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English for Journalists
by Carolyn Hardwick

English for Journalists is a short course of 15-20 hours. There are 14 lessons divided into three related groups, each lesson covering a topic of interest to journalists who wish to improve their English.

Topics in the first group of five lessons include reading about Alistair Cooke, known in Britain for his Letter from America, listening to advice on interviewing techniques, reading tips on note taking, and working on understanding what is going on, taking notes and asking questions at a press conference.

In the second group of five lessons there are listening and reading materials on asking questions when interviewing people, writing an article and editing your work, reporting on crises and checking the sources by researching on the web.

The third group of four lessons deals with reading about virtual interviews and writing for the web, and  listening to a political press conference and breaking news.

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