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1. Tenses

a. The past
Past continuous
'They were playing tennis when we arrived'
Past simple or present perfect simple or continuous?
'I ran, I've run, I've been running'
Past perfect
'He still hadn't started work when they arrived'

b. The future
Present tenses in future time clauses
'I'll phone you when I've finished all the work'

2 Verbs

a. Modal verbs
Obligation and permission
'I must phone my mother before it's too late'
Possibility or certainty
'You must be very clever'

b. Gerunds and infinitives
'I'll think about joining the club next year'
He joined the fitness club to get some more exercise'
Gerunds and infinitives
'I won't forget to meet you'

The thieves were arrested two days ago'

3 Functions
Expressing preference
'John would rather watch a film on TV than go to the cinema'

b. Expressing ability
'They scored two goals in the last minute and were able to win the cup'

c. Wishes and regrets
'If only we lived nearer the sports centre.'

4 Structures

a. Conditionals
First or second conditional?
'If he worked harder, he'd get the job.'
Third conditional
'If he hadn't overslept he wouldn't have missed the train.'  
Mixed conditionals
'He 'd have got the job if he weren't so lazy.'  

b. Reported speech
Reported statements
'Sarah said that she had just moved to Brighton.'
Reported questions
'She asked where I'd been.'
Reporting verbs
' She asked me to call her this weekend.'

5 Other items

a. Comparisons
Making comparisons
'John doesn't drive as fast as he used to'

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