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ielts reading 2 -  exam papers
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ielts reading 2 -  exam papers

This section contains extra practice materials to help you prepare for the reading subtest.  

Times are suggested for all questions and length, topics, level of difficulty, format and question types are similar to what you can expect in the examination itself.  Do not check the answers until you have completed the exercise

Summary of things to remember:

Do not try to read every word.  Remember you are reading for a purpose and do not worry if there are words you do not understand - you may not need to understand them.
Look at the title and headings when you survey the text, as well as any special print such as CAPITAL LETTERS, underlining, italics etc. and any figures, graphs, tables etc.
Check that you have understood exactly what the question wants and that you have followed the instructions carefully.
Pay careful attention to your timing.  Do not spend too long on one passage or question - if you cannot answer a question, leave it and go on to the next one.
You can write on the IELTS booklet  but remember to write your answers directly on to your answer sheet.  You will not get time to transfer them.
If you are not certain about the answer to a question, be sure to write something.  There are no penalties for incorrect answers.

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