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Tips for the IELTS Listening exam
IELTS Listening tips 1
Listen: Tips for the IELTS listening exam 1
IELTS Listening tips 2
Listen: More Tips for the IELTS listening exam
Top tips for IELTS Listenings
Part 2 - numbers and spelling

More advice for the listening exams:

3.  A common problem with the listening test is that you may be able to predict that you need a number, but you have trouble distinguishing what the number is.  Is it 15 or 50, 17 or 70?  The only thing you can do to help with this, is practise.  Think of situations where you might hear lots of numbers and listen to as many of them as possible.  Click here to do IELTS 2 number practice.

4.  Another problem is spelling.  Everything must be spelled correctly.  Make sure you’ve practised those tricky letters.  Do you know the difference between A-E-I, G and J, B and V?  Think of the letters you have problems with and practise them before the exam.  IELTS 3 will help you with spelling practice - click here to do this activity.

5.  Spelling is always important even if the word is not spelled out for you.  Try the following exercise.  One word in each sentence is not spelled correctly.  Can you spot them and correct them? Click here to do this activity.

6.  A few more things to consider before doing the exam:

Make sure you read the questions carefully
It’s not necessary to understand every word
If you don’t know an answer, move onto the next question
If you’re not sure about an answer, write something, you do not lose marks for wrong answers
The exam must be done in pencil – make sure you have a pencil and rubber with you
Spelling is important
Make sure your handwriting is clear
If the instructions tell you how many words you can write, follow the instruction – it’s there for a reason
You have time at the end of each section to check your answers. As soon as you finish, move onto the next section and start reading the questions to help prepare you for the next part of the text
You have ten minutes at the end to copy your answers. Make sure you copy the right answer next to the right number.
Do as much practice as possible before the exam
Good luck!

And now click here for a final check on some key points.

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