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FCE Speaking Practice

This section provides practice for the four parts of FCE Paper 5, the speaking paper. There are five sections practising the four parts of Paper 5: one section practises part 1, two sections practise part 2 and two sections practise parts 3 & 4.

Each section provides practice for the skills needed to answer the type of questions asked in each part. Each section should take approximately 45 minutes.

Overview of the Speaking Paper for FCE

4 parts to complete in 14 minutes per pair of candidates

Part 1 Interview
Each candidate answers the interlocuter's questions about themselves.

Part 2 Individual long turn
Candidate A talks for a minute about a pair of photographs, after which Candidate B is invited to make a brief comment on the topic of the photographs. Then Candidate B is given 2 different photographs and talks about them for a minute, after which, Candidate A is invited to comment on the topic of the photographs .

Part 3 Collaborative task
Candidates work together to carry out a task based on some pictures. This part lasts 3 minutes.

Part 4 Discussion
The interlocuter will ask both candidates some questions which are related to the topic in part 3. This part lasts for 4 minutes.

Part 1 Personal information

In this part you practise asking and answering questions about yourself, your interests and preferences. You also work on relevant vocabulary and study some examples of word stress.

Part 2a Eating out

In this section, you practise describing two photographs. You also study pronunciation, and sentence stress.

Part 2b Free-time activities

In this section, you listen to someone comparing and contrasting photographs in a speaking exam, and you practise doing the same yourself. You look at how to arrange ideas in order to do this.

Part 3 & 4a Sports

In this section you hear two students doing a task together. You then look at some general questions that the examiner may ask and practise answering them.

Part 3 & 4b The shopping centre

In this section, you listen to two students discussing plans for a new shopping centre and learn some useful expressions used during similar conversations.

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