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FCE paper 4: Listening
Part 1 What are they talking about?
Part 2a Avoiding accidents
Part 2b Taking notes
Part 3 The Internet, students and fathers
Part 4 Keeping fit
FCE Listening 1- What are they talking about?

In this section you hear people talking in different situations and answer multiple choice questions based on the listening extracts. You also practise some vocabulary related to the extracts on sport, ways of addressing people, how to give instructions politely and jobs in a company.

1 Two friends chatting

Listen to this extract of two men chatting and decide which answer is correct: a) b) or c). Always read the questions before listening because this will help you to focus on the correct answers.

2 Dictation of key words

It is important to listen carefully for the key words in these short extracts. These will help you answer the question correctly. Listen to the extract again and type the missing words in each gap. The missing words are all related to football.

3 Sports vocabulary

The key words in the previous exercise are all related to football. Look at these words related to other sports and decide which two words go in each column.

4 A couple arguing

Listen to this extract of a couple arguing and decide which answer is correct. After clicking Submit, click on Comment for an explanation of each answer.

5 Ways of addressing people

In the first listening exercise the speaker called his friend "mate". This is an informal way of addressing someone as 'friend'. In the last listening extract the speakers referred to each other as "darling". Match these similar words with their meanings on the right.

6 Giving instructions - comprehension

Listen to this extract of someone giving instructions and decide which answer is correct. Remember to check the Comment for each question (after you click 'Submit') to see an explanation.

7 Giving instructions - phrases

The boss gave her Personal Assistant some instructions. Listen carefully for the phrases she used and type them in each gap.

8 Jobs in a company

In the listening extract you heard two jobs mentioned, " secretary" and "driver". Here are some other jobs in a large company. Drag the missing words to the correct gaps.

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