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Professional English
Come here for articles related to business and what goes on in the business world, or for articles which help you learn the language of a particular profession, for example legal English.
You can also practise your English with our grammar movies, vocab builders or follow J@m, our cartoon series practising English through work in a web design company.
latest article
We regularly add new content on professional or business-related topics. These consist of reading and audio texts and accompanying activities which help you improve your comprehension, vocabulary or grammar. Click here to see our latest article.
specialist mini courses
Do you need to learn the language of a particular profession? We have modules for the legal, financial and engineering professions as well as for journalism and tourism, with medicine coming up.  In addition, we have articles on other specialist subjects like translating and interpreting.  If you would like to suggest a specialism, please use our form.
J@m, the web design company

Thirty-nine cartoon episodes take you through the development of a web design company. Follow the progress of Sanjeev as he learns how to work in English.

Try our range of activities to help you improve your English. Test your vocabulary, practise your grammar or follow the progress of a new employee as he learns how to work in English.
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