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IELTS Test Dates and Locations

Please note that some test dates fill up very quickly. To ensure your slot, please register not later than two (2) weeks before your preferred test date. Registration deadline is subject to availability of slots.


DECEMBER Module Test Location
07 December (Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/ Bacolod /CDO/ Leyte/ Tagum
14 December (Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Baguio/Cebu/Davao/Pampanga

*14 December IELTS results will be released on 03 January 2014 due to the holidays.

JANUARY Module Test Location
09 January (Thursday) Academic & General Training Manila/ CDO/Iloilo/ Naga
18 January (Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Baguio/Cebu/Davao
25 January (Saturday) Academic only Manila/Cebu

FEBRUARY Module Test Location
01 February (Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Bacolod/CDO/Pampanga/Tagum
15 February (Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Baguio/Cebu/Davao
22 February (Saturday) Academic only Manila/Cebu

MARCH Module Test Location
01 March (Saturday) Academic only Manila/Cebu
08 March (Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/ CDO /Iloilo/ Leyte/ Naga
15 March (Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Baguio/Cebu/Davao

APRIL Module Test Location
05 April (Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Bacolod/CDO/Pampanga/Tagum
12 April (Saturday) Academic only Manila/Cebu
24 April (Thursday) Academic & General Training Manila/Baguio/Cebu/Davao

MAY Module Test Location
10 May (Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/ CDO/Iloilo
17 May (Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Baguio/Cebu/Davao/Naga
24 May (Saturday) Academic only Manila/Cebu

JUNE Module Test Location
7 June (Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Bacolod/CDO/Leyte/Pampanga
21 June(Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Cebu/Baguio/Davao
28 June(Saturday) Academic Only Manila/Ceb

JULY Module Test Location
10 July(Thursday) Academic & General Training Manila/Iloilo/CDO
19 July(Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Baguio/Cebu/Davao/Naga
26 July(Saturday) Academic Only Manila/Cebu

AUGUST Module Test Location
02 August(Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Bacolod/CDO/Pampanga/Tagum
16 August(Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Baguio/Cebu/Davao
21 August(Thursday) Academic Only Manila/Cebu

SEPTEMBER Module Test Location
06 September(Saturday) cademic & General Training Manila/Iloilo/CDO/Leyte/Naga
20 September(Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Baguio/Cebu/Davao
27 September(Saturday) Academic Only Manila/Cebu

OCTOBER Module Test Location
2 October(Thursday Academic & General Training Manila/Bacolod/CDO/Pampanga/Tagum
11 October(Saturday) Academic Only Manila/Cebu
18 October(Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Baguio/Cebu/Davao

NOVEMBER Moduel Test Location
1 November(Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Iloilo/CDO
13 November(Thursday) Academic Only Manila/Cebu
22 November(Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Baguio/Cebu/Davao/Naga

DECEMBER Module Test Location
6 December(Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Bacolod/CDO/Leyte/Pampanga/Tagum
13 December(Saturday) Academic & General Training Manila/Baguio/Cebu/Davao
20 December(Saturday) Academic Only Manila/Cebu

IELTS Test Schedules and Locations
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