GREAT Britain campaign

1. The UK government’s GREAT Britain campaign aims to promote the UK internationally as a GREAT place to visit, study and do business. 

2. The British Council is a partner in the campaign and through it we are raising awareness and promoting the UK’s strengths in education, English language and the arts. 

3. The British Council is working closely with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), Cabinet Office, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), Visit Britain and private sector partners to achieve the maximum impact at the least cost.

Promoting the UK’s strengths in English, education and culture

• The campaign is helping us raise awareness of the UK’s cultural and educational assets internationally. This awareness helps us create more international opportunities for UK universities and cultural bodies.

• We are using the GREAT campaign in our UK education promotion work to increase the profile and reputation of the UK internationally and encourage students to come to the UK to study.

• In 2014-15 GREAT is funding education marketing campaigns in leading economies, including: China, India and the USA. 

• We are using the GREAT campaign to help promote the teaching and learning of English worldwide, and to bring the UK to life as a destination for study or tourism, for example through stimulus materials on the TeachingEnglish and LearnEnglish websites. In April 2014 we launched a new GREAT mobile app for learners of English.

Working in partnership with the UK government

• It is GREAT that the UK government is funding a campaign to showcase the UK as a world-class destination for business, study, creative partnerships, investment and tourism – this helps our work for the UK in English, the arts and education. 

• The UK government is providing £2 million and the British Council £1 million in 2014–15 in order to help stimulate growth in the numbers of students choosing to study in the UK. 

• The British Council is co-ordinating the development of a cultural calendar showing all the major cultural events taking place in key markets involving leading UK cultural institutions like the British Museum, National Galleries of Scotland and Ballet Rambert. This calendar will be used by the British Council to identify opportunities for integrated activity around specific high profile cultural events for the benefit of UK plc. 

• The UK Government is supporting through the GREAT campaign a tour of Thomas Heatherwick’s work in 2014-15 and 2015-16. The project is being managed by the British Council Arts department.


• The GREAT campaign is global in reach, but there are ten key markets: China/Hong Kong, India, USA, Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Turkey and Emerging Europe.

• The British Council is leading on education promotion campaigns, but also promotes the campaign globally through the use of GREAT collateral at relevant events, in British Council offices and teaching centres worldwide, and through digital channels.

• The campaign uses a combination of press, posters, television, radio, digital channels, cinema, PR and partnerships. High level promotional events with UK ministers and UK and local celebrities are used to give the campaign local profile in the target country.

• The GREAT brand is also being adopted as an umbrella brand to strengthen and bring greater focus to the ongoing activities and events of government departments and other organisations in their work in key overseas markets. 

• The campaign focuses on specific UK strengths: entrepreneurship, knowledge, creativity, culture, environmental protection, music, heritage, countryside, sport, innovation, shopping. The British Council has added two further areas of focus: English and literature.

• Our continuing involvement in the GREAT campaign is expected to bring direct economic benefits to the UK, anticipated at around £72m for the work planned in 2014-15.