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Collaborating internationally or spending time on a research visit abroad can be very beneficial to a researcher's career. A period spent abroad can give researchers access to expertise, facilities, and research environments that significantly broaden their experience and networks and, particularly for early career researchers, support their career development. Euraxess can help support you in that journey.

UK Researcher

Are you a UK Researcher wishing to work abroad?  The EURAXESS Services Network can assist with organizing your stay in another country. Search EURAXESS Jobs for current vacancies in Europe and use our funding search tool for opportunities in Europe and beyond.

International Researcher

Are you an international researcher wishing to work in the UK? Euraxess UK has information on moving to the UK, the latest research funding opportunities, and a UK research jobs page.

UK Researcher Institution

Are you a UK research institution? Join the Euraxess UK network of Local Contact Points who offer hands-on-support for researchers and/or their families. Euraxess UK can assist with news, resources and materials. Euraxess services are free of charge. EURAXESS UK is part of the EURAXESS Services network including more than 200 service centres across Europe. We adhere to the EURAXESS services commitment. Contact us today to find out more at euraxessuk@britishcouncil.org.

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