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British Council Morocco
Cambridge English Exams
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Key English test (KET)
Preliminary English test (PET)
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Key English Test (KET) Orange lozenge left
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An elementary exam, at Cambridge level one which can be achieved after approximately 180–200 hours of learning and is about halfway to PET.

It tests the most basic communication needed in everyday situations and is suitable for students aged thirteen and over.

Exam papers and times:
Reading and Writing: from 2.00 pm to 3.10 pm
Listening: from 3.30 pm to 4.00 pm
Speaking: 8 to 10 minutes

Exam date(s) for individuals 2014: Registration deadline(s):
17 May 17 April
05 June 08 May
24 July 26 June
11 October 11 September
15 November 16 October
05 December 06 November

Exam date(s) for schools 2014: Registration deadline(s):
14 April 27 March
24 May 24 April
14 June 15 May
18 October 18 September
22 November 23 October
06 December 06 November

Locations: British Council Rabat and Casablanca

Fees: 750 MAD for individuals and schools in Rabat and Casablanca
800 MAD for schools outside Rabat and Casablanca

To register download the application form  (Word format 36 KB )and send it to the British Council before the deadline.

How do I pay for examinations?

  1. At the British Council - Rabat or  Casablanca ( Cash and Cheque)
  2. By post - Post a cheque with your application documents. Indicate KET registration on the top left hand corner of your envelope.
  3. Bank Transfer


1) Deposit the registration fee in our bank account and make sure you PRINT your name on the bank transfer or bank deposit form so we can confirm who has paid. Otherwise, your registration will be delayed. Bank transfer Transaction reference must include: Exam Name (i.e IELTS), Candidate Name and test date, Passport or ID Number.
2) Your registration will be held for five days only; if payment is not received within five working days your registration will be cancelled
3) You Must complete this online form to confirm your transfer. Your registration will not be confirmed until this online form is completed

Societe Generale (SGMB)
Rabat Chellah Agency
Account number: 022 810 000141000900313023

Societe Generale (SGMB)
Agence les cretes
Casablanca: 022 780 000 148 00 091 521 67 74

British Council will not accept liability for charges levied by your bank or delays in transferring funds.

Important: The British Council will not accept liability for any delays in postal and banking services. Cheques must be drawn in favour of the British Council, crossed Account Payee, and endorsed on the reverse with Candidate Name, Passport number and Address.

If you have more than 25 students we can organize the test in your school ( in Casablanca or Rabat and for more than 50 students in other cities). Extra dates are available for schools. You need to contact us at the beginning of the school year or as soon as possible.

For further information, contact us:
British Council – 87 Bd Nador Polo, Casablanca -  or send us an email to exams.morocco@britishcouncil.org or contact us by telephone on 05 22 52 93 60

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