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General resources for learners
Grammar and vocabulary
Games and quizzes
Reading and writing
Listening and speaking
Useful websites to improve listening and speaking English


Listening Activities for ESL Students
A series of sophisticated reading/listening activities from the University of Florida. (Requires Real Audio)

Interactive Listening Comprehension Practice
Listening comprehension exercises from the Intensive English Institute at the University of Illinois. (requires Real Audio)

Online NewsHour
Main news stories in Real Audio format along with well-illustrated text versions. A full archive dating back to 1996 with many hundreds of stories. Excellent resource for practising your listening at intermediate levels and above.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Probably the most extensive collection of listening activities on the web - long and short listening tasks with accompanying worksheets.

English Listening Lounge
A collection of authentic listening passages at three levels (requires Real Audio).


English Pronunciation
A whole series of activities to practise individual sounds, including minimal pairs, tongue-twisters and dictation (requires Shockwave and Quicktime plug-ins).

Learning Oral English OnIine
This site, created by Rong-Chang Li at the University of Illinois, has sample dialogues from everyday situations that students can listen to and practise.

The Thrass Phoneme Machine
The THRASS Phoneme Machine is a groundbreaking computer programme that uses the International Phonetic Alphabet and moving human lips to demonstrate the pronunciation of sounds (phonemes) and hundreds of frequently used English words.

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