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General resources for learners
Grammar and vocabulary
Games and quizzes
Reading and writing
Listening and speaking
Grammar and vocabulary
Useful websites to improve your English grammar and vocabulary


Digital Education Network (EDUNET): Online English Grammar
A fairly comprehensive online grammar plus some grammar practice activities.

EDUNET: Online English Grammar Clinic
Send your grammar questions and get an answer from an expert. Run by Lydbury English Centre in the UK.

Interactive Quizzes
A collection of interactive multiple-choice quizzes, mostly on grammar. Written by John Wong at the Language Institute, City University of HK.


Cobuild Idiom of the Day
A new idiom each day from the Collins Cobuild website.

Dave's ESL Cafe Idioms Page
Idioms plus a definition. You can get idioms at random or view the entire list.

Vocabulary Quizzes
Hundreds of varied vocabulary quizzes for all levels from the Internet Teachers of English as a Second Language (TESL) Journal.

Word for Word
A fascinating website dedicated to unusual words and phrases. Only suitable for advanced English students.

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