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Global Xchange

What is Global Xchange?
Global Xchange is a partnership programme managed and delivered by the British Council, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), and a number of local partners around the world. We develop and deliver international volunteer exchanges and other activities to help create active global citizens who value volunteering, diversity, community development and social action.

Our Vision
‘A world where active global citizens create positive change and build mutual understanding and respect.’

Global Xchange defines active global citizens as:

‘individuals who learn from the experience of others around the world, have an awareness of issues facing developed and developing countries, and put that learning into action’.

Community Xchange
Community Xchange is an international professional development programme for community practitioners. Through a range of activities Community Xchange aims to build the skills of participants to facilitate the positive participation of young people as active global citizens, and develop inter cultural dialogue that makes a positive difference to their communities.

Teams of 30 community workers and activists, with equal numbers from the UK and an overseas partner country, work in host communities for 3 weeks in the UK and 3 weeks in the overseas country. Over the course of an exchange participants take part in work attachments, job shadowing, and community events to promote active citizenship among young people.

Youth Xchange
Youth Xchange is a six-months volunteer exchange programme, which gives young people from different countries a unique opportunity to work together, to develop and share valuable skills and to make a practical contribution where it is needed in local communities.

Volunteers join a team of 18 people aged from 18-25 with equal numbers from the UK and an exchange country. The teams live in host communities for six months; three months in the UK and three in an exchange community. Volunteers live in host homes and work in the community in cross cultural pairs.

Volunteers work in local charity or community organisations for four days of the working week. These placements are structured to provide an opportunity to make positive and practical contribution to the community the volunteers are living in.

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