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 Beach on the Ross of Mull, Fidden, Strathclyde, image (c) www.britainonview.com
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Living in Scotland

If you had to choose one thing to represent Scotland, what would it be?

'It would be a white sandy beach on the North West coast of Scotland. I think this area of Scotland is forgotten about and it’s beautiful.'

'Don’t think one thing or person could accurately represent the whole nation. But if pushed, fish suppers.'

'The Firth of Clyde, where the lowland and the highlands meet and the ships that shaped the industrial city of Glasgow came to and fro.'

'The scenery and the Lochs represent the natural beauty of Scotland.'

traditional fish and chips, image (c) www.britainonview.com               Clyde river, Strathclyde, image (c) www.britainonview.com                 Loch Lomond snow scene, image (c) www.britainonview.com

Language activities: read all the information about England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which can be accessed from the Living in the UK home page, and then do comparison activity (1) and comparison activity (2), which look at different icons and typical things from the four regions.

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