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Television is a telecommunication system for broadcasting and receiving moving pictures and sound over a distance. The term has come to refer to all the aspects of television from the television set to the programming and transmission.

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magazine article: Reality TV. "Love them or hate them, we all know what they are. Take ordinary people and turn them into 'stars' by putting them in unusual situations" Read article

magazine article: Sitcoms. "According to the MacMillan English Dictionary, a sitcom is “a television or radio series about a particular group of characters who deal with situations in a humorous way”. This type of comedy programme has been popular in Britain for decades." Read article

word game: Television words. Match 9 television-related words to their definitions. Play game

story: Ex-Famous. Every time Joe Mangold went into his local shop or local café or walked down his street, he looked at other people carefully. He wanted to see if people were looking at him. He wanted to see if anyone recognised him. Read story

cartoon: "What's on the television tonight?" "Same as always - the ..." See cartoon

trivia: Quote: "I find television very educational. Every time someone switches it on I go into another room and read a good book." (Groucho Marx) See more television trivia

science: cubed. Sphere TV: An inflatable visual display system wows audiences. Read story

links: Wikipedia: reality television See more links

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