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Robots have an evolving role in society today. But did you know that you can study robotics, cybernetics or cybertronics at many universities in Britain, build your own robot and get paid to do it?

Activity 1: Pre-reading task

How much do you know about robots? Try this quick quiz

You are now going to have a look at some information about robotics.

Activity 2: Comprehension task

Click on the four page links and read the information there:

Research in Robotics
Study in the UK
UK companies

Now try and complete an activity.

Activity 3: Follow-up task

Here are some opinions on robots:

'Robots could never completely replace humans in any area of work.'
'In twenty years time, most household jobs in developed countries will be done by robots.'
'Robots could develop independent existences and threaten human beings, like in the film I Robot.'

Do you agree or disagree? Send us your opinions on the subject.

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