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Foreign language assistants
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How do I apply?
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How do I apply?
Contact information for your country

If you are a school or a local authority wanting to request a foreign language assistant visit the How Do I Apply page..

If you are a language assistant wishing to teach French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian or Chinese in the UK, you must apply to the office in your home country. Please click on the country name below to see the contact information for your country.

If your country is not listed below, it means that we do not have an agreement with your country and you cannot become a Foreign Language Assistant in the UK through the British Council.

Some additional European countries participate in the Comenius Assistants programme. You have to apply through the Comenius National Agency in your own country.

If you would like to be a Chinese assistant in the UK, you must currently be teaching English in a school in China in order to be eligible.  This programme enables Chinese teachers to receive training and employment in order to get experience teaching Chinese in the UK. Participants teach Mandarin for one academic year and/or promote Chinese culture in UK schools and get to experience a UK teaching environment.

To participate in this programme, you must be a qualified school teacher currently teaching in mainland China. This programme is run in partnership with local education authorities, mainly those in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Guangzhou where we have our centres. British Council in China do not accept applications from individuals, as the scheme is based on an agreement between the Chinese and UK Ministries of Education. The opportunity is open to school teachers only and all of the applicants have to go through the official recruitment procedure in China.


Ayelen Borgatti
British Council
Marcelo T de Alvear 590, 4th Floor
C1058AAF Buenos Aires

Telephone: +54 (0)11 4114 8650
Email: Ayelen.borgatti@britishcouncil.org.ar

KulturKontakt Austria
Servicestelle für Mobiltätsprogramme des BMUKK
Standort: Schreyvogelgasse 2/3. Stock
A-1010 Wien

Ulla Riesenecker
e: ulla.riesenecker@kulturkontakt.or.at
e: sprachassistenz@kulturkontakt.or.at
t: +43 1 531 20 2275
f: +43 1 531 20 81 2275

Marie-Sophie Wery
Service Bourses d'Etudes, Lecteurs,
Formateurs, Assistants
Wallonie-Bruxelles International
2 place Sainctelette
B-1080 Bruxelles

Telephone: +32 (0)2 421 8207
Email: ms.wery@wbi.be
Website: www.wbi.be/etudierouenseigner

Canada (Quebec only)

Renaud Brissonneau
Ministère de l'Education, du Loisir et du Sport du Québec
Direction des aff. internationales et canadiennes
1035 rue De La Chevrotière, 13e étage
Québec (Qc) G1R 5A5

Telephone: +1 418 644 1259 #2364
Fax: +1 (418) 646-9170
Email: assistants@mels.gouv.qc.ca


Deborah Sepúlveda
The British Council
Av. Ricardo Lyon 222
Of. 2001
Santiago de Chile

Telephone: +56 2 410 6918
Email: Deborah.Sepulveda@britishcouncil.cl


Du Siying

Cultural and Education Section

British Embassy | 4/F Landmark Building Tower | 1 8 Dongsanhuan Beilu | Beijing | 100004 | China

Telephone +86 (0)10 6590 6903 ext 417
Fax +86 (0)10 6590 0977
Email siying.du@britishcouncil.org.cn


Katie Potts
The British Council
Carrera 9 No. 76 - 49 - Piso 5
Santafe de Bogota

Telephone: +57 1 325 9014
Email: katherine.potts@britishcouncil.org.co


Eduardo Hong
Directora de Escuela Lenguas y Linguística
Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador-Sede Ambato
Av. Manuela Sáenz s/n, Sector El Tropezón,
Ambato, Ecuador

Telephone: +59 3 3241 5041 (ext. 135)
Email: ahong@pucesa.edu.ec


Please note: you must be registered as a student at a French university in order to apply to the CIEP.

Jennie Burke
Centre International d'Etudes Pedagogiques
Assistants de langues RU - Pôle langues étrangères
1 avenue Léon-Journault
92318 Sèvres Cedex

Telephone: +33 1 4507 6098
Fax: +33 1 4507 6076
Email: burke@ciep.fr 
Website: http://www.ciep.fr/assistantfr/


Ministero dell'Istruzione, Universita e Ricerca (MIUR)
Dipartimento per la Programmazione
Direzione Generale per gli Affari Internazionali
Ufficio V
Viale Trastevere 76/A
00153 ROMA

Email: assistentilingue@istruzione.it
Fax: +39 6 58492276
Please click here.


Katrin Mader

Lope de Vega 316

Col. Chapultepec Morales

11570 Mexico D.F


Telephone: +52 55 5263 1900

Email: katrin.mader@britishcouncil.org  


Education Partnership Programme Manager

British Council


Ulitsa Nikoloyamskaya

1 Moscow 109189




Beatriz Andérs, Jefa de Sección

Subdirección General de Promoción Exterior Educativa

Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte

Paseo del Prado 28, 5ª planta, despacho 516

28014 Madrid

Telephone: +34 91 506 5594

Email: auxiliares.conv@mecd.es


Edith Funicello-Bosch

Sprachassistenzprogramm (SAP)

Ch Stiftung für eidgenössische Zusammenarbeit

Dornacherstrasse 28A

CH-4501 Solothurn


Telephone: +41 (0)32 346 18 88

Fax: +41 (0)32 346 18 02

Email: e.funicello@chstiftung.ch

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