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Have you ever wanted to teach abroad and improve your English? Can you think of classroom activities that would help students in the UK to improve their language skills? If so, the Foreign Language Assistants programme might be for you.

Your role will be to work with the teacher in the classroom or on your own with small groups of students in order to help them gain confidence in your language. It is also a good chance for them to learn more about the culture in your country.

What to expect
If you become a Foreign Language Assistants in the UK, what will your experience be like? It's impossible to generalise, but here are some frequently asked questions about what to expect.
Teacher and child reading, Milan - Photographer Mat Wright copytight British Council
Where can I go?
The UK is full of contrasts, from busy cities to beautiful countryside. We can help you find a placement at a school or schools in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales.
How do I apply?
You cannot apply directly to the British Council in the UK. We work with partner organisations in 16 countries overseas and you must apply to them. Find out if we have an agreement with your country.
Before I leave home
Our essential guide to what you need to do before travelling to the UK and
how to prepare.
Arrival and settling in
Find out how to make the first few weeks go smoothly and what you will have to do once you get here. You can find out what your salary will be on our Money Matters page.
FLAs Online
Find out about the online help and useful links we provide
Find out about some ways that you can make an impact in your school as a Foreign Language Assistant using a project approach.
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