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Here is the latest newsletter for LearnEnglish Kids and LearnEnglish Parents. If you can't read it very well, you can also find this newsletter on

In this newsletter you will find out about:
* activities for the Olympics
* activities for adventure sports
*activities for football
* resources for parents and teachers
* news of a new poetry competition

 activities for the olympics
The Olympics are taking place in Beijing in China from 8th - 24th August. You'll find activities about the Olympics on LearnEnglish Kids this month including a song for young children, a story about the first marathon, a game to practise the names of Olympic sports, and some activities to print.
Image - a panda in a stadium
 activities for adventure sports
Image - a boy is surfing
It's not just Olympic sports that you can find on LearnEnglish Kids. You'll find lots of activities about other sports too. Children can learn about some extreme sports, and meet Buzz, a busy bee who loves being active! Join her on her adventure holiday, and listen to a song about the things that she loves doing!
 activities for football
Or does your child love one sport in particular? Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and you'll find lots of activities about the game. Your child can practise football words, learn about its history, and play Shot Stopper. How many goals can your child save?
Image - footballer scoring a goal
 resources for teachers and parents
Image  - a person is swimming
Parents and teachers can find some useful resources about the topic of sports on the LearnEnglish Parents site. You will find flashcards of Olympic and extreme sports, and also the latest Pron Pal - a resource to help you and your child practise the pronunciation of words and phrases related to sport. You will need to log in or register to access the latest version of Pron Pal.
 coming soon - poetry competition
We are pleased to say that the poetry competition will return later this year in partnership with the Children's Poetry Bookshelf. The competition will feature a category for children aged 7-11 who are learning English as a second or foreign language. The topic this year will be 'work'. The competition opens in September but you can begin to write your poems now if you feel inspired! You can find more details on this page.
Image - two children are reading a book together
more from the british council
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