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Resource materials
Online resources
Resource materials

The JSDP Resource Unit manages a database of materials relating to the justice sector in Sierra Leone and elsewhere. These materials are available for reference by anyone who has an interest in working in this area.

What type of resources are available?

Resources include documents on all aspects of the justice sector, including: the Sierra Leone Police, prisons, courts/Judiciary, customary law, legislation, civil society, Anti-Corruption Commission etc.

You can download a full list of available documents in the Resource Unit.

JSDP publishes annual justice sector survey. Download the Justice Sector Survey 2006 , Justice Sector Survey 2008 or our JSDP Brochure 2006.

You can download the National Policy Framework for the Justice Sector in Sierra Leone.

We have also produced the Criminal Case Management Handbook which is designed to serve as guide to all operational practitioners in the Criminal Justice sector on how cases might be managed more effectively from investigation and arrest to conclusion.

The programme has also produced a compilation of the International Treaties of Sierra Leone-IS IT IN FORCE?. The purpose of this document is to assist users of the justice system including judges, lawyers, students, human rights activists, diplomats and the people of Sierra Leone generally, to conduct research with the benefit of accurate references to international treaties by which Sierra Leone is bound. Sierra Leone is signatory and state party to a number of international treaties, most of which is documented herein.

In partnership with the Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender and Children's Affairs, JSDP has developed a National Child Justice Strategy for Sierra Leone which aims to promote child rights in the nation as a whole for a positive impact on the prevention of criminal behaviour and abuse against children thus promoting child well-being and upholding the tenets of the Convention on the Rights of the Child of which Sierra Leone is a signatory. In addition, there is a Compilation of the Juvenile Laws of Sierra Leone.

Silence Injustices in Moyamba District. This report focuses specifically on identifying and analysing crimes which people, mainly women, feel that they cannot talk openly about, referred to in this report as silenced injustices.  There are certain crimes which are silenced through taboo, social pressure, or custom; little is written about these crimes and there are no statistics to work from.

Also available is a scoping study on land issues-Land and pro-poor change in Sierra Leone. In Sierra Leone, the poor, particularly women, have inadequate, undervalued and insecure rights to land. Increasing the amount, value and security of the land rights of the urban and rural poor has the potential to substantially reduce poverty. How, when and by whom this could be done are the questions this study seeks to address.

A feasibility study on Legal Aid System for Sierra Leone is also available.

JSDP has also put together:

Consolidated Laws of Sierra Leone Volume 1

JSDP has supported development of a Five-year Strategic Plan for the Office of the Ombudsman, reference period 2009-2013 and Family Support Unit Training Manual for theSierra Leone Police.

Recent and current initiatives database

We also have information on recent and current initiatives taking place in the justice sector in Sierra Leone and elsewhere along with links to relevant websites of related organisations.

How can I access the materials?

You can download the reports and find the links to the relevant websites on our Reports and Justice online resources page, or you can contact the Resource Unit of the Justice Sector Coordination Office at the Ministry of Justice, Guma Building, Lamina Sankoh Street, Freetown or telephone +232-22-226982(land), +232-76-801430 (cell) to request specific documents.

It would be appreciated if acknowledgement is made to JSDP for the use of any materials that have been downloaded or accessed through this website. If you would like to visit the Resource Unit or find out more about the resource materials please contact us.

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