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British Council Iraq
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As part of our focus on education, we are working in partnership with Iraqi institutions and individuals to develop English language education.
Iraqi ELT development group
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A team of Iraqi ELT professionals are working with the Ministry of Education to up-grade ELT provision, supported by the British Council’s ELT consultants.
 Pioneering English in Iraqi Kurdistan
The opportunity to pioneer ELT in Iraqi Kurdistan has never been better as English is perceived as a vital tool in education and business and is emerging as the second language in the region.
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We've been helping English language teachers in Iraq to develop links with the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL).
 Forming a teachers association
We are providing support to English language teaching through teacher training and creating networks of practitioners.
modern teaching methods and IT
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In July and August we ran a summer training course with Huddersfield Technical College in modern teaching methods and IT for English language lecturers.
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