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Harland and Wolfe Crane © Northern Ireland Tourist Board 2012
Annual Conference 2013
How to register for the IAESTE Annual Conference 2013

Step 1:

Each National Secretary or Person in Charge of any Co-operating Institution should complete and send the Confirmation of Attendance Form to get Authorization to attend the Annual Conference from the General Secretary.

Step 2:

Once authorisation has been received, complete the Registration Form on the IntraWeb.

Hotel Bookings will be made by IAESTE UK according to the information received on the IntraWeb Registration.

Please note that the deadline for registration is 1 December 2012.


The conference fee and hotel accommodation costs are paid separately as follows:

a) Conference Fee

The Conference Fee is £250. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer until 4 January 2013 (please note that you may incur bank charges and should check with your own bank) or in cash upon arrival.  Where possible we would request that the Conference Fee is paid in advance and not in cash on arrival.

b) Hotel registration

The IAESTE UK team will make Hotel Bookings in accordance with the information recorded on the IntraWeb Conference Registration. You are requested not to have any direct contact with the hotel prior to your arrival.

c) Hotel Accommodation & Payment

You will be required to pay for your accommodation costs directly to the hotel.  This can be done by credit card or in cash. When you check in, you will need to present your credit card or leave a deposit in cash. You will need to settle your account with the hotel when you check out.

Accommodation costs are as follows:

Single Room £80 per person per night*
Double Room £45 per person per night*
Triple Room £34 per person per night*

*All room rates are inclusive of full Irish breakfast and VAT

You will find our bank details on the IAESTE Intraweb.

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