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How to register

The British Council will organize the hungarian accredited language exams (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE) through our partner institutions in Budapest.

The Business, the Legal, the Children and the Computer Based exams (BEC, ILEC, YLE, CB tests) are still organised by the British Council. Registrations can be submitted by e-mail.

How to register


British Council

Computer based FCE exams
Computer based CAE exams

PET for Schools exams
FCE for Schools exams

BEC exams
ILEC exams
ICFE exams

PET, FCE, CAE, CPE exams (via our partner centres)

Exams Centrum Oktatási Intézet                        
(1118 Bp., Budaörsi út 4/A)
Cambridge exams - Register online here
A Nyelviskola
(1024 Bp., Fény utca 10.)
Cambridge exams - Register online here
BME Nyelviskola
(1111 Bp., Egry József u. 1.)
Cambridge exams - Register online here
Tudomány Nyelviskola
(1033 Bp., Tavasz u. 3.)
Cambridge exams - Register online here

Csaba College Oktatási Központ
Cambridge exams - Register online here
Galambos-Lindenfeld Nyelvstúdió
Cambridge exams - Register online here
English Teaching Resource Centre
Cambridge exams - Register online here
PTE Pollack Mihály Műszaki Kar
Cambridge exams - Register online here
Nyugat-Magyarországi Egyetem Bölcsészettud. Kar
Cambridge exams - Register online here


Online registration is now open for all centres in Hungary. You will receive an automatic registration confirmation upon finishing the online registration to your email address filled in during the procedure. Should you not receive the confirmation, please contact us immediately. Your registration is only valid upon the exam fee payment.


You can pay in person at the chosen examination centre or by bank transfer. If you are applying for BEC - ILEC or COMPUTER BASED (CB) exam, please click here for more information.


Send the proof of the bank transfer to your chosen exam centre's office by post, fax, e-mail, or in person.

Your registration will become definite once the centre have received both your application form and the statement of the payment before the deadline.

By submitting your registration you are accepting the Exam Regulations (short version) and the Data Protection Act of the British Council's Examination Services. (The hard copy versions can be looked at our exam centres.)


You will receive two weeks before the exam: The Statement of Entry document, the exact time and date and the location of the exam, and the Notice to Candudates.

7. Collecting your certificate

Exam certificates can only be collected in person. Candidates taking their exams in Budapest can collect their certificates (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, ILEC) at A Nyelviskola (1024 Budapest, Fény utca 10. II. em. 1., T +36 1 214 5355).


Exam tpye Written exam Deadline*
PB CAE 11 June 18 April
PB FCE 7 June
10 June
18 April
PB CPE 12 June 18 April
PB PET 5 June 2 May
PB PET for Schools 24 May 18 April
PB FCE for Schools 31 May
4 June
25 Apr
PB BEC Higher 3 June 2 May
PB BEC Preliminary 7 June 2 May
PB BEC Vantage 5 June 2 May
PB ILEC 15 April
17 May
13 June
14 March
11 April
9 May
CB CPE 12 July 27 June
CB FCE 10 April 26 March
CB CAE 12 April 28 March
CB FCE 24 May 9 May
CB CAE 29 May 14 May
CB CAE 5 July 20 June
CB FCE 12 July 27 June
CB CPE 12 July 27 June

CB Computer based exam
PB Paper based exam

*For applications received after the date of the deadline there will be an additional late entry fee of 7,000 Ft charged. After the window period for late entries, applications might be accepted in the last 14 days, in case of available free places for an additional fee of 14,000 Ft.

BEC - ILEC and Computer Based (CB) exam fee payment method

Please send the test fee to the following bank account:
Citibank Zrt. 10800007-77237006-00000000
Account holder: British Council Hungary
Address: 1075 Budapest, Madách Imre út 13-14.

For bank transfers from abroad, you will need the following data:
Address of Citibank Zrt.:1051 Budapest, Szabadság tér 7.
IBAN code: HU46 1080 0007 7723 7006 0000 0000

Make sure you indicate the type of the exam and the name of the candidate. A copy of the bank's confirmation of transfer should be sent to exams@britishcouncil.hu or can be faxed to (+36 1) 342 5728


In co-operation with Cambridge ESOL, we provide a Special Arrangements Service for candidates with hearing, speech, visual and kinetic difficulties, as well as for candidates with learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

Relevant supporting documentation – a medical certificate and a Special arrangements form ( 60 KB)completed and signed by the candidate – should be submitted to the examination centre three months before exam date. Important: No documents can be accepted after the end of the particular registration period.

Download Special arrangements form (60 KB)

We also make special arrangements for candidates who have sustained accident-related injuries, such as a broken arm, prior to the day of the exam.

We make every effort to cater for special needs of any disabled candidates or candidates living in special circumstances (e.g. in prison), to enable them to best understand questions and tasks and complete the test. It is our aim for the language level of all candidates, irrespective of disability, to be assessed fairly and objectively.


If you have any questions or for further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

E  exams@britishcouncil.hu
T  (06 1) 483 2032, 2033,

If you don't get a confirmation message to your e-mail sent from the Freemail or Citromail domain, please get in touch with us by phone. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

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