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EO&D at the British Council
Our approach to EO&D
How we manage EO&D
Who we are
How we manage EO&D
We've developed a number of tools and initiatives to help us promote equal opportunity and manage diversity.

Diversity Assessment Framework
This is our overarching diversity measurement tool and is used to assess progress organisation-wide with mainstreaming diversity. Each British Council offices reviews their work and gathers evidence against a series of different indicators. There are two mandatory levels and an optional best practice level. Submissions for them are done via a combination of evidence and signed assurance statements.. The mandatory levels are assessed by a panel and a score is awarded from 1 to 10 which then forms part of the country’s overall performance evaluation in the organisation’s performance scorecard.

Equality monitoring
We have been collecting data from our UK contracted staff and analysing it each year since 2001. The data we collect includes details of age, disability, ethnicity/race, gender, religion/belief, sexual orientation and working pattern. Equality monitoring helps us to build up a detailed picture of who we employ and this helps us to assess the impact of our Equal Opportunity Policy and Diversity Strategy. From the recommendations, we can examine our processes, identify trends and patterns, highlight progress and note where further action is needed to ensure unjustified discrimination is eliminated and equality is promoted. Please read our latest equality monitoring report.

Equality screening and impact assessment
This refers to a formal process where we review the likely impact of all proposed policies, functions or practices on different groups of people.

This helps us to think about how our suggested way of working might affect different groups and consider if there is any potential for unjustified discrimination that we could change, or any opportunity to promote equality that we could introduce. To find out more about our equality screening and impact assessment please contact the diversity unit.

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