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This month we look at the incredible work behind the discovery of King Richard III's remains. Dr Turi King from the University of Leicester used mitochondrial DNA to help identify a 500-year old skeleton as being that of King Richard III. As part of a wider toolbox of scientific and historical methods, her work traces a line from current femail descendants, to the last English king to die in battle.

Here at cubed we keep you up to date with the science that’s shaping our society and bringing a new dimension to everyday life. We give you the latest innovations in fashion and music, design and digital, film and life, to bring you the products and ideas that will change our world - prepare to be cubed...

London 2012 Red Double Decker Bus © Christopher Steer - iStockphoto
Bionic Man
Building a two-metre tall artificial man is surprisingly not a case of science fiction
Detailed view of a sprinter in the starting blocks © Berc - iStockphoto
Digital Dig
Super powerful scanning penetrates deep into fragile archaeological artefacts
Parklands © Olympic Development Authority
Reconstructing Richard III
Ancient DNA analysis verifies the remains of the last English king to die in battle
Collection of colorful sea urchin shells © Andreas Karelias - iStockphoto
Turing's Sunflowers
Counting sunflower seed heads proves that mathematical pattern exists in nature
©Rain Palette by Dahea Sun, MA Textile Futures 2012
Huge Quasar Group
Newly discovered largest quasar structure challenges cosmological assumptions.
Printed sales report © Slawomir Fajer - iStockphoto
Gripping Science
Scientists are explaining why wrinkled fingers developed to give us a better grip.
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