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SMAN 24 Bandung

Below are some experiences from schools which already involved with School Links programme.

SMAN 24 Bandung
Contact person: Dedeh Suantini  

How long has your link been running?
Since 2004

Which schools are you partnering with?

  • Avon Valley College, UK.
  • Oxford College, UK.
  • Glenfall Elementery School, UK.
  • King Edmund Community College, UK.
  • Pleasantville Public School, Canada.
  • Scarsdale, USA.
  • High School in Bangkok, Thailand.  

In what way has School Links changed you personally?
I have changed my teaching method which makes my students enjoy learning English at school. Having linked up with some schools has made me more open and I start to do collaborative projects with some other schools in this world. Having shared it with many teachers in my city, I have a lot of friends and got a scholarship from East West Center to take a short course in Hawaii and New York for 3 weeks. I could bring 2 of my students to visit Malaysia and I also got a scholarship for an online short course from IEARN which strengthened my networks.

What are the new things that your students and teachers learned through participating in School Links programme?
We learn about other cultures, countries, and how to implement English in real life. My students realise how important English is in communicating with other students in this world and it motivates them to learn English better and more seriously.

What are the activities that you have done with your partner school?
Hosted a visit of some teachers from the UK where we could share our experience in teaching.
Making Flat Stanley exchange.
Visited Malaysia for Dreams and Teams project.
Create forums where students can share information of their countries.  

Contact us for more information or call us at+62 21 515 5561.
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