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where can i go with erasmus?

Europe is such a diverse and exciting region - culturally, historically, politically and geographically, you’re bound to find somewhere very special.

It can’t all be work and no play, so when you’re not at college or in work, you can check out all that Europe has to offer. Laze on the beaches of Greece, ski in the Alps, go to the opera in Italy or admire the art in France.

Seen it, done it, been there? Then what about the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Slovakia, or a killer whale safari in Norway. Too scary? Well go further north and play golf at midnight in Iceland where the sun never sets in summer. Too cold? Then go to the very edge of Europe, to Istanbul, a city that bridges the cultures of East and West.

Festival Scene

If you’re into the festival scene, then why just settle for Glastonbury when you could also enjoy some fantastic and often bizarre fairs and festivals that take place all over Europe; from throwing tomatoes in Spain, to getting jazzed in Umbria – too many to mention here – but check out our fun things to do page. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination! Also read some of our students' blogs and check out the world celebration blog - both have blogs about festivals and things to do written by students from around the world.

Which Country?

All the countries and institutions have something special to offer and while France, Spain, Germany and Italy are the countries most visited by Erasmus students, if you go to one of the less visited countries, you’ll be even more special! And the best part is you’ll be a local not a tourist.

Erasmus students, teachers and staff can go to any of the countries listed below:

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Iceland Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania  Slovak Republic Slovenia Spain Sweden and Turkey

From the academic year 2011/12 students will be eligible to also work or study in Switzerland and Croatia under the Erasmus programme.

Erasmus Mundus and Tempus participants can go further afield – please check details on the Programmes page.

County Guides

Read more about studying and living in the country you would like to visit on our Country Guide page or get the real inside information in an Insider's Guide or Case Study, written by a former Erasmus student who's already been there . For fun, why not try our 'My Map' App on our Facebook page and see how many countries you've already visited and how many more you would like to visit!

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