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Staff Opportunities

Erasmus offers a great opportunity for academic and administrative staff to teach or work elsewhere in one of the 32 other participating countries in Europe. You can get to know first-hand the workings of another European educational system, learn new ideas and discover best practices to take back to UK. So don’t let the students be the only ones to benefit! Develop your international network and enhance your language skills too. To be eligible you must work at a Higher Education Institution that holds an Erasmus University Charter.

Why Take Part?

Personal Benefits

Discover best practices to bring back to UK
Learn and share new ideas
Be inspired by new colleagues and different outlooks
Refresh your thinking, broaden your horizons
Discover new ways of teaching
Develop new skills
Revitalise and reignite passion for your work
Meet with your students also on Erasmus
Get to know first-hand the workings of another European educational system
Develop your international network
Improve your CV
Return enthused and motivated
Explore new tools and technologies in your field
Realise peers in other countries face same challenges, discover how they overcome them
Establish a good network of new international contacts
Enhance your language skills
Have an enjoyable experience abroad!

Benefits for your institution

Staff receive financial assistance for professional development and training through Erasmus Funding
Staff return motivated and engaged
Staff can advocate the work of your own institution to partner institutions abroad
Staff can find out about the latest developments across Europe
It will improve the international standing of your institution
Staff return enthused with new ideas to improve your institution’s performance

Teaching staff

Mobility can be undertaken by staff at a Higher Education or HE/FE Institution which holds an Erasmus University Charter (EUC) to another HEI which holds an EUC and with which your institution has an Inter-institutional Agreement. The recommended minimum duration for teaching assignments is five days and they may not exceed a maximum of six weeks. Teaching assignments shorter than the recommended period must include at least five teaching hours.

Non-teaching staff

Staff training is an option for non-teaching staff who want to take part in the Erasmus programme. This is an option if you are going to another HEI which holds an EUC or going to an enterprise. Within the broad objectives of staff training, it encompasses things such as short secondments, job-shadowing and study visits.


Erasmus effectively gives your institution financial assistance for professional development, as funding for subsistence and travel is available for all staff. It will be up to your institution how this is paid, but many choose to pay against receipted expenditure. Travel costs may cover travel from the point of departure to the host, but do not include local travel. Subsistence rates are defined by the British Council and vary according to the country you visit and the length of time you go. Staff from enterprises in another participating country can receive funding for a teaching visit to a UK institution. Please consult with your institution's Erasmus Co-ordinator for further detailed information.

Next Steps

Contact your University Erasmus Co-ordinator who can guide you through the necessary steps and download our leaflet for staff. Read what colleagues who have already participated have to say about their experience on our Staff Case Studies page.

Advice from staff who have taken part in Erasmus is to do it, do it as soon as possible and encourage your students to do it!

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