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Student Case Studies

We asked some former Erasmus students what they got out of their experience, how they coped with the language, how they made friends, and how it effected their careers. Read our 'Erasmus Experiences', by selecting a country on the links below, to find out what they think about the Erasmus Programme and how it benefited them.

You can also read some of the stories from the 2011 Competition entries.

Another great way to find out about Erasmus is to talk to someone who has already done it. If you are already at college then contact your Erasmus Co-ordinator who should be able to put you in touch with students who have taken part in the programme. Alternatively try the student forum website, the studentroom and thirdyearabroad.com or start your own discussion on the Erasmus Facebook Page. Many institutions also publish an Erasmus student handbook and have access to returning students who publish their own guides, so it’s a good idea to check directly with your institution.

We also have a page of country guides and Erasmus 'Insiders Guides', written by former Erasmus students about the towns in which they spent their Erasmus periods. You may also like to listen to some former students talking about their experiences in our short video, produced by former Erasmus student, Daniel Emmerson.

If you are a teacher or staff member at a higher education institution, please read our section on staff case studies. We are also starting to highlight case studies related to specific programmes or issues, such as Intensive Programmes and social inclusion, please see the links on the left.

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