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About Erasmus

Erasmus is the European Union's flagship educational exchange programme for Higher Education students, teachers and institutions. It was introduced with the aim of increasing student mobility within Europe. Erasmus forms part of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme (2007-2013)

It encourages student and staff mobility for work and study, and promotes trans-national co-operation projects among universities across Europe. The scheme currently involves nine out of every ten European higher education establishments and supports co-operation between the universities of 33 countries.

Erasmus has developed beyond an educational programme - it has acquired the status of a social and cultural phenomenon. It gives many European university students their first chance to live and thrive abroad. Over three million students have benefited from Erasmus since its introduction in 1987.

For information on the various programmes that operate under the Erasmus+ umbrella, please see our Programmes page and download our overview presentation.

For information on 'Erasmus+', which replaces the Lifelong Learning Programme in 2014, please visit our Erasmus+ website

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Who can go?

Students, teaching and non-teaching staff at Higher Education Institutions in the UK should be able to participate in the Erasmus  Programme. Find out if you are eligible to participate.

Where can you go?
With 32 other countries now participating in the programme, you're bound to find somewhere exciting to go. Check out which countries take part
Why Go?
The real question is 'why not?' You've everything to gain, from improving your CV to acquiring an international network of new friends. Read more about the benefits of the programme.
Want a brief history of the programme? Then read more in this section.
Fun Things
Take advantage of your time abroad by immersing yourself in the local culture - the festivals, fetes, fiestas and parades.
Erasmus Events
Find out here about workshops for Erasmus Co-ordinators and the Erasmus Prize competition and awards ceremony.
Contact Us
If you would like more information on any part of our programme, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Promotional Material
If you would like to download any of our new promotional material, check out this page.
News and PR
Read about the latest news and press releases here.
facts and figures
Key data and statistics on Erasmus participation rates
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25th Anniversary
1987-2012 - Erasmus celebrates 25 years
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