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Years of war have badly affected universities in Iraq, leaving them under-resourced and isolated from the global academic community. But Iraq's universities have begun to open their doors again.

The DelPHE-Iraq programme, which ran from January 2010 to March 2012, successfully brought together Iraqi universities with their counterparts in the UK and elsewhere, to strengthen Iraq's higher education system and equip talented Iraqi students with the skills they need to rebuild their country.

Funding has now closed but you can view the full list of DelPHE Iraq projects here and read some of the key achievements of the programme. You can also read a selection of case studies and discover how DelPHE-Iraq has benefitted Iraq's higher education sector and wider Iraqi society.

About DelPHE-Iraq
Girl in front of computer, photographer Mat Wright copyright British Council Find out about the DelPHE-Iraq programme.
DelPHE Iraq projects
Man in front of Blackboard, photographer Mat Wright copyright British Council

Find out more about the DelPHE-Iraq projects that took place between September 2010 and March 2012.

Case studies
Boy with book, photographer Mat Wright copyright British Council Discover what DelPHE Iraq projects have achieved, and how this is helping Iraqi higher education and the wider community.
Teacher and student, photographer Mat Wright copyright British Council

Read about DelPHE-Iraq in the news and find out about some of the activities that took place during the programme.
Latest News
Developing a forensic science curriculum at Kerbala University, Iraq
A short film about the DelPHE-Iraq partnership between De Montfort University in the UK and Kerbala University in Iraq and their work to develop a new curriculum in forensic science at Kerbala.
Minister of State Alan Duncan visits Iraq
Coverage of the Minister of State for International Development's visit to Iraq last year, during which he visited one of the DelPHE Iraq's partnerships.
Express routes to knowledge on the Bristol-Baghdad line
An article looking at how the DelPHE Iraq project can help to change the lives of Iraqi academics for the better.
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