Where are you going to live while you work or study abroad? It’s an important decision - when you’re looking for housing you will need to decide on how much you are prepared to spend, where you want to live, and whether to share with other people or live alone.

Where to look

Some colleges and universities offer advice for students through their international student office, which may have web pages to help you find local accommodation. The Erasmus Be prepared page offers useful web links to several independent websites such as CasaSwap, a global housing swap network and Roommate Locater, an international flat-sharing site. They also have useful ‘insider guides’ written by former Erasmus students that contain helpful advice on accommodation.

If you’ll be studying, you may need accommodation with specific services such as an internet connection. Check university notice boards which often advertise student-friendly rooms for rent. And if you are completing a full-time degree abroad you may also be entitled to a place in your university’s halls of residence.

There are a variety of country-specific accommodation websites that cater for particular regions. For example FUSAC offers details of lettings in and around Paris, while Loqou is useful for students heading to Spain. It’s worth looking at what is on offer in your destination.

Living alone or with others

When deciding to rent with others or alone it’s important to work out what you want. Do you want to live on your own? Maybe you work well in your own space. But the downside is that this is likely to be more expensive, especially when you factor in paying bills.

Or would you prefer to live with other people? For lots of people this is important, especially for the social aspect. And, of course, you share the bills!

Whatever you decide, try to plan for the long term and weigh up the different options available.