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2013 Mock Council
January 2013

'Your Story' competition

Congratulations to the winners of the 'Your Story' competition, whose essays, films and photographs about their Comenius experiences bagged them some great prizes. See http://competition.lifelonglearningprogramme.org.uk/ for details.

November 2011

'Erasmus for All' proposal released

The European Commission has today released its proposal for the successor programme to the Lifelong Learning, international and Youth in Action Programmes. The new programme, provisionally called ‘Erasmus for All’, will run from 2014 to 2020. You can read the European Commission’s proposal here.


Students get a taste of international politics

Schools and colleges from around England gathered at Lancaster House in London on 17 November to participate in the 2011 Mock Council of the European Union.

Participating students had the opportunity to showcase their debating, negotiating and lobbying skills, while the day was captured live by a film crew.

The event was set up to simulate a real meeting of the Council of the European Union, with participants debating issues from the position of their allocated EU member state, the European Commission or the General Secretariat.

This year’s event saw the students tackle the topics of how the EU can encourage democracy in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East and how the EU can compete with emerging economies.

For the first time, the Mock Council also included translation booths, manned by interpreting students, enabling speakers and participants to present in French or German.

The event, organised by the British Council, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the European Commission Representation in the UK, was part of International Education Week 2011.

Visit our Mock Council web pages to see how you can organise your own Mock Council.

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