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Effective monitoring and evaluation encourages positive outcomes
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Monitoring and Evaluation

Effective monitoring and evaluation helps ensure you get the most out of your Comenius project. By keeping a close eye on how the project is progressing, you will also be able to adapt your objectives and activities to new or changing needs.

  • When designing an approach to project monitoring, consider what the eventual reporting requirements will be. Study the relevant final report and make sure these questions are addressed.
  • Include as many perspectives as possible and appropriate. A School Partnership for example, should be evaluated by pupils as well as staff. You should evaluate the partnership itself, as well as the project work undertaken.

What issues to consider?
The questions below have been taken from the Comenius Handbook for schools. and are particularly relevant to School Partnerships.

Have the plans been followed, and if not, why not?
Are the goals appropriate?
Should the partnership project be modified?
What are the benefits of a given activity for the pupils?
How did the pupils complete the tasks set for them?
What skills are being/have been developed?
Is the project helping to raise achievement levels?
Are the means of communication used appropriate and efficient?
Are the teachers working together?
Does the project have an impact on the curriculum?
Are parents/representatives of local community/other educational establishments/other relevant interested parties involved?
Has there been an increase in pupils’ and teachers’ skills in foreign languages, and their motivation to learn them?
Is there a greater awareness of the European dimension in education and of different cultures?
Was the planned end-product created? Have the end results been achieved?

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