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Logos can help you to present your project outcomes professionally and spread the word about Comenius
  • Comenius activity often involves the development of new materials and products. A School Partnership might involve the production of a cookbook or calendar, a guide to best practice, or even all three. If you are producing this kind of material you need to make sure that you clearly acknowledge the Comenius Programme.
  • Similarly, if you are preparing a press release you need to ensure that the Comenius Programme is named in any coverage that you generate.

With both these points in mind, the EU Lifelong Learning Programme Logo and the UK Comenius logo have been made available to download.

The Lifelong Learning Programme logo is used for all areas of the programme, not just Comenius. You need to read the guidance on the appropriate use of the logo on the European Commission website before you use it.

Lifelong Learning Programme Logo - JPG Format
Lifelong Learning Programme Logo - EPS Format

The Comenius logo is specific to the UK. You can find guidance on how the Comenius logo can be used here.

Comenius Logo - JPG Format
Comenius Logo - TIF Format

The logos may only to be used in a context directly relating to your Comenius activity. Neither the Lifelong Learning Programme logo nor the Comenius logo should be used on school letterhead.

If you are unsure whether your proposed use of either logo is appropriate you should seek further guidance. Contact us at comenius@britishcouncil.org

If you are interested in accreditation for your schools international work then you can apply for the International School Award. Holders of the full award are entitled to use the International School Award logo on their letterhead. For more information please go to http://schoolsonline.britishcouncil.org/accreditation-and-awards/International-School-Award

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