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What is EST?
European Shared Treasure (EST) is a Europe-wide database which aims to capture good practice and the wealth of experience within European funded projects. It aims to increase the visibility of projects across Europe and facilitate access to project information. Project promoters (ie you) can showcase the results and outcomes resulting from your Comenius Partnerships, as well as looking at other projects from around Europe to gain inspiration and ideas.

You can view the EST site and see the results of other partnerships from around Europe here.

What do I need to do?
As a current Comenius beneficiary and in accordance with your contractual obligations for your Comenius School Partnership or Comenius Regio Partnership, you are required to contribute to the European Shared Treasure database by uploading the results produced throughout the lifetime of your partnership. All beneficiaries (partners and coordinators) are required to contribute results individually to the database. The results in many cases will be joint results produced by all partners but you can also upload individual results produced by your own institution. We would encourage you to upload as many results as possible.

How do I access the EST database?
You will be contacted directly via email with your unique login and password. Once you have received the login details, you can log onto the database by following this link.

Further Support
For step-by-step guidance on how to use the database, please refer to the EST Beneficiary Handbook. If you have not received your login and password details via email, or if you require further support in relation to the EST database please contact us.

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