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British Council Bangladesh
UK Exams
Achieve Success with a UK Qualification

Do you want GCE O or A levels? Do you need IELTS to study or work abroad? Perhaps you want a professional qualification to improve your career prospects? We can offer a range of UK exams in Bangladesh that can help you to achieve your potential.

GCE O and A Level Exams
Whether you are a teacher, parent or student, find out more about taking O and A level exams with us.  Find out more
What is IELTS?  How do I get an IELTS score? Find out how we can help you prove your English ability so you can study or work in an English speaking country.
Boy with book, photographer Mat Wright copyright British Council
Professional Exams
We administer a range of exams on behalf of UK professional boards, universities and colleges.  Find out what exams we can offer you.
Two women looking down  Photographer: Mat Wright Copyright British Council
Cambridge (EFL) Exams
Want to obtain qualifications that demonstrate your English language skills? Find out how the Cambridge suite of exams can provide you with prestigious, internationally recognised, qualifications.
Learning English in Bangladesh
Thinking of taking an IELTS or EFL exam? Need to improve your English before you do? Our suite of purposefully designed English courses could help you get the results you need.  Find out more

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