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British Council Bangladesh
Connecting Classrooms
Connecting classrooms

'Connecting Classrooms' is British Council's global education programme for schools to help young people learn about global issues and become responsible global citizens, as well as giving them the 21st century skills and understanding to work in a global economy. We offer school partnerships, professional development courses for teachers, leadership courses for head teachers and students, schools and sports, climate for classroom awards, accreditation and the scope to share best practices with international counterparts.

School Partnerships: We link Bangladeshi schools with schools in the UK. They work together on joint projects and learn from each other. We also create opportunities for schools to have links with schools around the world through online projects on the SchoolsOnline website. There are currently more than 1300 Bangladeshi schools involved on this website (http://schoolsonline.britishcouncil.org). Any school can take part.

SCHOOL LEADERSHIP: We provide leadership training to head teachers, teachers and also to students. In addition to preparing leaders in schools and classrooms, we also also promote leadership in sport, climate change and global citizenship and broader cultural relationships

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT : We provide online courses, available for any teacher in Bangladesh, to develop ideas around global citizenship.  For head teachers and teachers directly involved in Connecting Classrooms we offer in depth face-to face-training in a variety of aspects of school leadership and for teaching/ learning about global citizenship. We provide general courses for improving teachers' ICT and English skills. By sharing best practice and materials globally, we create opportunities for educators to adapt modern methodologies for providing 21st Century Education for the Bangladeshi students.http://connectingclassrooms-learning.britishcouncil.org./

ACCREDITATION AND AWARDS :The International School Award (ISA) recognises schools that embed international ethos and global learning into their curriculum and show enthusiasm and determination to enrich learning through international work. ISA is open to all schools (not just those that are involved with the Connecting Classrooms programme).http://schoolsonline.britishcouncil.org/International-School-Award

SOCIAL ACTION : Social Action Projects create opportunities for young students to explore their leadership capacity around social issues. We work with student councils, schools and communities on hundreds of Social Action Projects each year on educational, environmental and community projects.

POLICY ENGAGEMENT: We strive to share international best practice in general education and global citizenship. Through Connecting Classrooms, we organise policy engagement sessions including key policy makers and representatives from the government and non-government agencies, like-minded donors, NGOs, INGOs to identify ways to align British Council activities with Government educational priorities, and to include UK best practice in Government policies.

As a legacy of the London 2012 Olympics we implemented the 'International Inspiration' Project to spread sporting ethos to millions of children and youth in Bangladesh. Together with the Government we developed a package of sports teaching aids, developed around traditional Bangladeshi sports and games, named 'Learning by Playing'. We have distributed these teaching  aids to all 25,500 secondary schools and Alia Madrashas in Bangladesh. This will be followed through with the 60,000 primary schools by 2016. Festival in London, followed by two public exhibitions in Dhaka and Sylhet. These exhibitions promote the project's UK and Bangladesh school links and also key messages about rivers and their importance to our environment and our cultural histories.

RIVERS OF THE WORLD: 'Rivers of the World' (RoW) is a bilateral arts project involving the creation of large scale artworks by young people for public display. UK and Bangladeshi schools produce art in various styles around the theme of famous rivers. Two Bangladeshi artists held workshops with four UK schools on the River Surma. Bangladeshi students are working on the River Thames. Bangladesh & UK art works were then displayed at the Thames

2012-13 more than 25,000 students from across Bangladesh were involved in Connecting Classrooms activities. More than 1300 schools are now registered in 'SchoolsOnline' website. More than 300 schools have run social action projects and more than 150 schools have worked on international projects with schools in the UK.

We have established 50 'Smart Classrooms' and 15 'Computer Literacy Centres.'  These classrooms are using solar power therefore are not interrupted due to the power disruption.

We have developed a national web portal for teachers to develop teaching-learning materials. This has created opportunity for  primary and secondary teachers to develop and utilise online materials.

Through our 'Climate4Classrooms' project we have a bank of climate resources for schools available in Bangla and English. These resources have been mapped onto the Bangladeshi curriculum for teachers to use. (http://bd.climate4classrooms.org)

By 2015 we will be working with schools in all 64 districts of Bangladesh. The schools will work together in local networks to share their different experiences of and learning from Connecting Classrooms

Contact us at afroza.yasmin@bd.britishcouncil.org.

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